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One to one manual service - Full follow-up by engineering technicians

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Before production

The salesperson communicates with you one-on-one.
Engineering technicians participate in answering questions.
Purchase quotation personnel participate in quotation.
The documenter collates and confirms the production materials The salesperson reconfirmed with the customer.


In production

Sales personnel participate in and follow up the project progress.
The Production Department shall do a good job in product production and feed back relevant information to the sales staff in a timely manner.
The salesperson timely fed back the project progress to the customer.
The engineering personnel shall follow up the project and communicate with the customer for improvement in time if problems are found.


After production

The salesperson confirms the delivery logistics information with the customer.
Documentary personnel follow up customs declaration in a timely manner.
Engineering after-sales technical support.
Project archive.

The whole project has been followed up and feedback is timely. If production needs to be suspended in the middle of a sudden production situation, please contact your sales consultant immediately, and we will stop the loss for you in time.

One time cooperation and lifelong service, the sales consultant will always keep in touch with you. If you need help, contact the sales consultant, and our company will fully assist you to solve the problem.

Perfect quality certification system

Professional quality control personnel

Quality control equipment

  • IQC: Incoming inspection

    IQC: Incoming inspection

  • FQC: Full inspection of products

    FQC: Full inspection of products

  • IPQC: Process Inspection

    IPQC: Process Inspection

  • OQC: Delivery inspection

    OQC: Delivery inspection

  • QE engineering follow-up

    QE engineering follow-up

  • QA inspection

    QA inspection

  • X-RAY


  • AOI


  • BGA


  • SPI


  • Flying needle tester

    Flying needle tester

  • Test rack

    Test rack

The quality control personnel shall strictly control the quality according to the customer's quality requirements, inspect in strict accordance with IPC standards, and ensure the quality of professional testing equipment.
Five star service certificate
Five star service certificate
Intellectual property management system
Intellectual property management system
Class II medical device business
Class II medical device business
Site Certification
Site Certification

Transaction is not the end of service but the beginning

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One time cooperation and lifelong service

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