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Automotive central control display PCB manufacturer

2018-05-17     By: H.C.C.

  Automotive central control display PCB manufacturers look for H.C.C!

  With the country's strong support for new energy vehicles, many PCB manufacturers are full of orders. In new energy vehicles, there are many applications for PCBs, such as front and rear lamp PCB boards, automotive electric door PCBs, instrument panels, and car center control displays. Screen PCB, etc., and the automotive central control display PCB is a relatively more representative and most representative PCB board.

  Strictly speaking, the car's central control display is not the core component of the car. Because many cars do not have this installed, its main functions are navigation, reversing images, and DVD functions. Although it is not a core component, many car owners are willing to install it. The reason is beautiful and can look at the reversing image. As a car central control display PCB, which involves the use of rigid circuit boards and flexible circuit boards, it belongs to the HDI multilayer circuit board, which is close to the style of the computer motherboard.


  In addition to the central control line display, there are also automotive sensors, GPS navigation, audio, engines, etc. In many places, PCBs are used in many places. The most new energy vehicle PCB application products are power supplies, and power supply PCBs are new energy sources. An important symbol of the car.


  Automotive central control display manufacturers can contact us, H.C.C Technology Co., Ltd. engaged in the PCB field for 13 years, has a strong production and supply capacity, and a strict quality control team, can complete the production schedule with quality and quantity.

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