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How is the SMT patch price calculated?

2018-09-19 Writer: H.C.C. Views: 1535

What is the price of the SMT patch? What is the manufacturer based on? Does a pad count as a point? How much is a dot? Today Hengtian Weiye Technology gives you a comprehensive popularization of the SMT patch price calculation method!

SMT patch is to place electronic components on the bare PCB, which will incur a fee in this process. How is this cost calculated?

In fact, the main charges are calculated from these three aspects, the reference price can go to the company's official website SMT pricing page to view

SMD points: SMD points refer to the number of component points on the PCB.

DIP points: DIP points refer to the number of PCB plug-ins, one foot is a point, such as an IC with 8 feet, even 8 points.

The number of boards: mainly related to the number of your production boards, the more the number, the more cost-effective, the specific reasons can consult the company's customer service staff.

Its calculation method is mainly

(SMD points x processing unit price + DIP points x processing unit price) x number of boards + engineering costs = total cost

Basically, all SMT factory prices are priced with reference to this data. The only difference is the difference between the unit price of the points and the engineering cost. Generally, the “unit” is the unit price, and the specific cost can be negotiated with the manufacturer. The premise is that there must be a quantity, otherwise the cost of the machine will be very large. The main cost comes from the labor cost. If you only need to stick 10 pieces of board, from the previous engineering data sorting, SMT processing, quality inspection, engineering test, each process manual The cost is high, so the reason why the amount is small and the cost will be very expensive is here.

If there is any information about the SMT patch that you don't understand or don't know, you can consult the company's online customer service and transfer the engineering staff to ask for details. The content is compiled and released by Shenzhen Hengtian Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. The pricing method is only for reference. For the specific SMT processing price, please contact customer service staff!

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